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A specific type of surety bond is often required by an individual or company to satisfy and legally guarantee their respective obligations, be it contractual, judicial, legislative, or fiduciary.


Commercial surety bonds represent a wide spectrum of products and range in the thousands of different types. Commercial surety bonds normally respond to an act/law and can be part of a licensing requirement.

These products can include anything from the legal requirement to obtain a specified licence, administer the will of a deceased party(ies), adhere to government and provincial statutes, provide legal protection to a third-party consumer, or provide financial guarantees to a financial institution.


Commercial Surety is comprised of the following major classes of bonds:


  • Customs and Excise (BMC-84 Property Broker Bond, Release of Goods, Carnet, Canadian and US Bonded Highway Carrier Operations, Spirits Licence)
  • License and Permit (Consumer Protection, Auto Dealer’s, Employment Agency, Collection Agency, Foreign Recruiter)
  • Fiduciary (Estate Trustee, Foreign Executor, Administration, Probate)
  • Fidelity Bond (Employee Theft)
  • Lost Document (Fixed-penalty, Bank Draft, Certificate, Certified Cheque)
  • Various other special commercial bonds

Surety bonds act as a financial guarantee, protecting the Principal(bond holder), consumer or business against fraud, misrepresentation and compensation of monetary loss and are required by the Courts, Federal, Provincial and Municipal bodies, financial institutions and private Corporations.


There are many commercial surety bonds that fall under this category. The bonds that would normally fall under this category are those bonds that are not part of a law/act or licensing requirements.


The most common bonds are:

A.T.A Carnet Bond

Administration Bond

Administrator De Bonis

Administrator Pendente Lite

Administrator With Will Annexed Bond

Agricultural Products Bond

Air Charter Bond

Appeal Bond

Appeal Customs Bond

Auctioneer Bond

Automobile Vehicle Registration Bond

Bailiffs Bond

Bonded Air Carrier

Bonded Freight Forwarder

Bonded Highway Carrier

Carnet Bond

Charitable Promotion Bond

Collection Agency Bond

Committee Bond

Consumer Protection Act Bond

Court Bonds

Customs Bonded Warehouse

Customs Brokers Licence Bond

Customs Sufferance Warehouse Bond

Denatured Alcohol Bond

Direct Sellers Bond

Driver Training School Bond

Duty-Free Shop Bond

Electricity Bill Payment Bond

Employment Agency Bond

Excise Tax Act Bonds

Foreign Executor Bond

Farm Machinery Bond

Fuel Tax Bond

Guardian Bond

Gas Contractor's Bond

General Excise Carrier Bond

Goods & Services Tax Bond

Grain Bond

Guardian Bond

Health Studio Bond

Highway Traffic Act Bond

Lease Agreement Bond

Livestock Dealers & Products Bond

Load Broker Bond

Lost Instrument Bonds

Lottery Bond

Market Intermediaries In Damage Insurance Bond

Milk Board Bond

Missing Heir Bond

Mortgage Brokers Bond

Nonresident G.S.T. Bond

Notary Bond

Payment Guarantee Bond

Plumber's Bond

Pre-Arrangement Funeral Service Act Bond

Private Investigator & Security

Private Vocational School Bond

Probate Bonds

Real Estate Broker Bonds

Release Of Goods Bond

Replevin Bond

Road Cut Permit Bond

Roofing Contractors Bond

Sand Pit Bond

Securities Act Surety Bond

Sewertappers Bond

Single Trip Customs Bonds

Solid Waste Management Bond

Sub-Division Bond

Temporary Importation Of Articles Bond

Tobacco Sales Tax Bond

Transponder Bond

Travel Agents Bond

Trustee In Bankruptcy Bond

Used Car Dealer Bond

Waiver Of Probate Bond



Commercial Surety Bonds have proven to be a cost effective method of ensuring compliance with a variety of important laws and regulations. They are essential to an individual or company’s commercial activity.


At Ai Surety Bonding, our commercial specialists have the knowledge and expertise to facilitate all of your commercial surety needs. Utilizing our network of Surety Market partners, we can write and issue any commercial bond(s) quickly and easily and have it delivered to the client next-day.


Our process has been streamlined to make the application and issuance seamless and effortless. We offer immediate Commercial bond issuance and purchase at the time of the call.


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