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Broker/Agency Referral Program - Bond Surety

Broker/Agency Referral Program

Ai Surety Bonding accepts business from insurance brokers & agents, across Canada and USA .
We are a "bonds only" brokerage so brokers/agents never have to worry about us marketing to their clients for their insurance business.

Our #1 aim is to provide a seamless process for your client.

There are no brokerage/agency minimum volume requirements.
Referring a bonding expert will increase your client's satisfaction, and eliminate the chance of losing them to the competition.

Don't waste your valuable time trying to learn what we do day in and day out.
Referring your bonding business save you time, increases client satisfaction and loyalty and you don't pass up on a chance to earn revenue from the sale!

Our programs range from taking a name and telephone number and procuring the bond professionally and competitively, to offering your organization with an online solution that automates the process to ensure the fastest turnaround possible -you can be as involved or as hands off as you wish!

As a licensed professional, you are eligible to receive referrals fees and other incentives.

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